Results Summary Component

Date: July 19, 2023

Coded In: HTML | CSS

Resourses Used: Linear Gradient Article

View: Live Site | Code

The Goal

My main goal with this project was to practice my skills a responvie design and get the project as close to the desing as possible. User should be able to:
-View the optimal layout for the interface depending on their device's screen size
-See hover and focus states for all interactive elements on the page

The Process

With this project I took extra time to prep in order to create css custom properties and optimize my HTML for flexbox and my mobile first workflow. This project wasnt to challenging for me but it did shapen my skills with HTML & CSS. It was very fun to code out and a great reflection of my growth.

The Outcome

The otcome of this project was actually great. to the left of this paragraph is an image the compares the design to the project I created. you can find the live comparrison here on frontend mentor

What I Learned

I Learned about linear graident and how to implement it in future projects. I also Learned more about centering using flexbox.

Future Focus

My future focus after doing this project was to continue gaining skill using flex box. I also wanted to do more responsive design projects to perfect those skills as well.