Hazel Black

Who I Am: Rubix's Solver | Arabic Learner | Book Worm | Dog Mom

What I Do: FrontEnd Web Development | Collaborative Design

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I'm From Jackson, Tennessee. I currently live in Marshall, Texas with my husband and our 2 dogs, Mocha and Luna. As a child I always enjoyed challenging myself and learing new things. Whether it was a new puzzle to solve or a difficult math equation i enjoyed the struggle of finding the solution.

Web Design & Development

     I remember the first time I heard about frontend web development. A couples of days before I was walking the dogs on my lunch break on a warm summer day. I had recently fell in love with notion ( a customizable note taking application). Notion was a great place for me to organize my life while being customizable enough to make it personal to me. There was one problem though, and that was my digital library.
    You see, I wanted to create a digital bookshelf on notion that had all of the books that I owned in one place, I also wanted to be able to see books that were borrowed from the library and books that were either read or unfinished. in order to do this i had to use notion formulas but when I tried to incorporate them I found myself dumbfounded by the task at hand. As I walked the dogs that afternoon the only thing I could think of was the notion formulas and the weird language with IF, Then Statments and varibles.
    After a few days of playing around with the variables I finally figured our how to finish my digital book shelf but something in me had shifted, I wanted more of the internal push and pull that those formulas created. I called my sister to see if she knew of any lines of work that required me to use notion formulas. Her answer was no but, if you like playing around with formulas and layouts you may love UX/UI design or maybe full stack development. This is where my journey began and continues to grow with web development.

My Workflow

    When starting a new project I usually like to work in 4 main phases which are as follows: The Design/Markup Phase, The Working Phase, The Inqusitive Phase and last but not least The Completion Phase.
     During the Desing/Mark up phase I like to take note of the designs for the project that im going to be coding out, i take time to invision how I will code out the design and I mark it up with notes and shapes that define how the design will be coded out in the working phase.
    During the working phase I use the The marked up designs from the previous phase to carfully create my HTML. I always code a project mobile first but during this phase I look at both mobile and desktop version to insure the HTML is optimized for both layouts.
     While in the working phase i hit a the next phase which is the inquisitive phase, This phase is all about growth. With every project I work on there is always a period of time where im not sure what to do. During this phase I take note of the issue at had and begin researching solutions, If I end up taking ideas or code from an artilce i try to ensure i completly understand the problem and the solution.
    During the last phase, the completion phase, I wrap up all my work and create of fill in a read me document that fully explains my experience with the project.


Design / Markup Phase

Create/Markup Designs


The Working Phase

Start Coding


The Inquisitive Phase



The Completion Phase

Wrap Up/ Fillout Readme