Four Card Feature Section

Date: August 16, 2023

Coded In: HTML | CSS

Resourses Used: N/A

View: Live Site | Code

The Goal

The goal for this project was to continue sharpening my skills with responsive latouts and flexbox Users should be able to:
-View the optimal layout for the site depending on their device's screen size

The Process

My process with this project was simular to other projects I have done. I spent some time marking up the designs then I began to set up my HTML and i made sure to keep the desktop versions of the design in mind while maintianing my mobile first workflow. with this project it was alot easier to create the responsiveness for the website. here is a screenshot of that code.

The Outcome

I was able to get this prject very close to the original design. I could have improved my siing on certain components though. the picture to the left shows a compariosn of my solution vs the design. You can also check out my solution here on frontend mentor

What I Learned

During this project I learned that It was time to move on from the newbie projects on frontend mentor. I also learned that work more on prerly sizing text from the design.

Future Focus

From this point I wanted to begin working on more challenging projects and begin learning Javascript from scratch